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I’ve been in a relationship where both partners were able to “live” in the present moment and realize the possibility of something better. It was a very beautiful and peaceful time. It was a time of freedom for both people, and it was a time of growth for them. It was a time when they were able to step outside of their usual patterns and do something that brought them both unexpected joy. The same could be said for our relationships.

This is not to say that one of us should always be thinking about the future. If something is on our minds, we probably should. But this time, we need to keep our minds on the present moment. We need to be more mindful of the other person’s attention, and we need to be more mindful of ourselves. This is not something we should take for granted, and we should be mindful of what we are doing and how we are doing it.

We all need to slow down a little bit and pay attention to the things that affect us, even if that means living in your own little bubble of fear. We all need to slow down. It isn’t a bad thing to be mindful, really. If you have a tendency to want to go to work and be productive, you are probably doing it wrong. But slow down, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are doing the same thing that everyone else is doing.

We all have a tendency to be lazy and to want to get on with our lives as quickly as possible. While it is helpful to take time to slow down and take a deep breath, and it is good to pause and reflect, this is not an option in the real world. People who are “on autopilot” are always going to be doing the same things. We need to be more intentional with how we use our time.

If we are on autopilot for so long, we will soon be on autopilot. But if we are not, we will never have the chance to get off the autopilot. It’s the same with life. It is a good thing we know what we are doing, but it may be better to take time to do it.

I feel like there is always something we can do if we pause, take a moment, and think. There is always a better option than doing the same thing over and over again. There is always a better option than doing the same thing over and over again.

We can have a better shot at our goals if we have the option to pause and think. The best way to get off the autopilot is to learn the skills that will allow us to pause: the skills of mindfulness, of meditation, of self-inquiry.

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the Mindful Movement, a mindfulness training program that aims to increase our awareness of the present moment. You can learn about it here and here. And you can find a lot of mindfulness videos on YouTube as well. I also found this great presentation by Dave Allentoft at TEDxBiloxi. The gist is that mindfulness is a skill that you can learn through meditation.

So what’s the best way to learn mindfulness practice? Well, I think you can start with a brief meditation in either the morning or just before you go to sleep. Then you can start to practice a couple times a day, and over time you should find that you can do these practices with a regularity of about once a day or so. This is all in the same breath. The best mindfulness practice I’ve found is to do the practice while sitting cross-legged on an empty bed.

We had a long chat on Twitter about the new movie about the “bigger house” that will be released this summer. It’s about a family of four that’s been looking at the house for generations and wants to build a new house. It sounds like the movie will have a house on that beautiful little island, but the house doesn’t have the fancy amenities. The family is a bit of a let down, however, because they have a house that doesn’t have the fancy amenities.



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