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Today, I am watching Ryan Garcias win UFC Fight Night: Diaz vs. Silva. This is not the first time I have seen Garcias fight, but this is his first fight where he has taken on a UFC champion. This is a huge step for him, and he is finally making a name for himself as a fighter. This is going to give him confidence that he can take on anyone on any level and win.

Garcias is a tall guy, who is not a great wrestler. He is a true striker, so he’s going to have trouble taking on Diaz, a southpaw who is a good wrestler. This is going to be a great fight for Garcias.

It’s not about who is the better wrestler, but what’s important is that Garcias comes up with a name for himself. He’s going to be one of the best fighters in australia for a long time.

This fight should be fantastic. It is going to be one of the most entertaining fights in a long time. If Garcias wins this fight, he may have to fight in the US in 2016.

This is not the first time that Garcias has fought in the US as far as I know. In 2003, he lost to James Toney in the US. In 2012, he beat Roy Nelson in the US. Garcias is a solid but young fighter that is making good progress in his career.

Garcias is a very good fighter. He’s a great fighter and he’s going to have a great fight with a very good fighter. He’s going to have a great fight with a very good fighter. That’s what you hope.

This video is what you should watch. Garcias beats Nelson, but it is not a huge win. Garcias will have to get better than that in order to face anyone in the UFC. Garcias is a very good fighter but he has a lot to learn on how to fight someone like Nelson. Garcias has a very strong chin and its going to be a tough fight. A win over Nelson would be a great start for Garcias.

If you like Garcias, you could always watch the UFC on FOX fight. This one is available on the UFC’s web site for those that have it installed. It’s not a knock out blow out but it is a great fight nonetheless.

I think you can expect Garcias to easily beat Nelson. If he does, the UFC will probably go to a title fight between UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Conor McGregor and Anderson Silva. If Garcias beats Nelson, then he will win and that will be the end of the UFC. But if Garcias loses, they will go to a title fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre.

I was going to say Anderson Silva but that was not the case. The UFC has been a great sport and Garcias has had great success in the UFC, but I think this fight will be a lot closer than Anderson wants to admit. Garcias is a great fighter but he’s not the best. It’s not as if any of his fights have been close. But the UFC is not always about the fight. That’s why I think this fight will be interesting.



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