What the Best ed o’neill bjj Pros Do (and You Should Too)


I love this article by Ed O’Neill. He’s an expert on the bjj.

Ed ONeill is a really funny guy. He once had a show called “BJJ in America” because he wanted to show just how ridiculous the sport really is. Now he is the host of a podcast called “BJJ on Fire” and also writes a lot of things. He has an interesting perspective on the martial arts and the culture behind them and makes a pretty good point for the rest of us.

Ed is certainly a funny guy. He makes a lot of great points about the bjj and how ridiculous it is. His article is pretty well-written and I’d read it over and over again. But I personally find it a little “hippie” too. Its not a martial art, and its really weird.

I’m actually not that in love with the sport. I like its competition, and I like watching good guys go down, but I feel that it is a very un-PC sport. Its a bit of a cult like thing. I love the “kimura” and the “kimura throw.



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