difference between karate and kung fu: What No One Is Talking About


The difference between karate and kung fu is one of the many areas in which martial arts (Karate) and kung fu (Kung Fu) overlap. Kung fu is a style of martial arts that originated in China. Kata, or karate, is a Japanese style of martial arts which originated in Okinawa Island. Kata are a series of self-defense techniques that are derived from the kata. Kata are not the same as karate.

The main difference between karate and kung fu is that while Karate is based on the fighting skills, kung fu is based on the fighting styles. Kata are about self-defense, while kung fu is about self-defense, and vice versa. Kung fu is based on a martial art, while karate is not, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (although it’s good to have both). Karate is the Japanese style, kung fu is not.

Kata, karate is basically a series of martial arts, and karate is a form of martial arts, and kata are not. The difference is that karate does not have fighting techniques, and karate does not have fighting styles. It’s a bit of a simplification of the concepts that I use to describe the kata and karate, so that both are slightly different.

Kung fu is one of those martial arts that everyone thinks is the same thing, but its not. It is not like karate, kung fu, or any other style of martial arts. It is a set of exercises that are aimed at improving strength and flexibility. They are all done in a coordinated and structured pattern.

In kung fu, as with any martial art, the goal is to create the strength and flexibility you want for your body. The kata are a way to do that while in a controlled way. The kung fu style is a way to achieve that through the body as well as mind. It is a bit like a martial arts class that we all enjoy when we’re not in the gym, but I’m not sure if I should call it that.

In kung fu, you learn the forms to achieve the strength and flexibility that you want for your body. Your body follows your movements, and the movements are the instructions. If you follow the movements, you can do whatever you want. If you don’t, you can’t.



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