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This is my favorite video of Cody Sanders. I love his honesty and his ability to make me laugh. You can see that he is a huge fan of the Cleveland Browns. I am a Browns fan too. So when he talks about his love of the Cleveland Browns, it makes me smile.

It’s not just because of his love for the Browns. He’s also a huge fan of the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Cleveland Browns. In fact, I love watching him play football because he is so much fun to watch. I just love watching someone so down to earth and honest. I don’t think I know anyone who is more down to earth and honest.

He also loves to play the piano and make music, and his favorite band is the Beatles, and he plays the guitar.

I like to watch him play the guitar, and I think he plays it really well. He is also a huge fan of “The Beatles” and “The Beatles” is his favorite band.

The other reason why he makes so many jokes in the video is that he makes his players do all the talking on the phone to his friends. We all know who is playing the guitar, but it’s just one of the jokes that he comes up with.

Cody Sanders is best known for his work as the star of the ABC TV series, Pretty Little Liars. His most recent work has included a role in the upcoming movie, The Last Song, and he has recently made a guest appearance on the television show, “Parks and Recreation.” He has also recently starred in the comedy film, The Last Song.

The man is a hilarious human, but he’s also the guy you want around when you really need him. He’s the perfect person to have that one-on-one chat with when you just need advice about what to do. Like I said, he’s the type of guy who’s perfect for hanging out with in the middle of the night. I’m not going to lie, I could talk to him for hours.

cody sanders is an absolute blast to talk to on the phone. He is the ultimate professional, and hes very down to earth. Even better, hes the type of guy who loves to talk about anything and everything. It’s like I get to talk to the perfect guy.

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