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(photo credit: brad maxwell, via bradmaxwell.

I know what you’re thinking (and I know what you’re thinking too), but I don’t think boxing is going to be a hit on YouTube. But if you’re into it, give brad maxwell some love. Check out a video of him winning his last bout. He’s such a nice guy I’m convinced he’ll make a good addition to the boxing community.

Well, its a shame I have to admit that my favorite video of Brad has to be a clip of his defeating a guy called Dave Holmes. Holmes is a very, very bad dude. But to me, Brad has a fighting spirit and a winning attitude. And if youre a fan of boxing and are looking for a fight, give him a look. Maybe youll find some sweet spots to hit with him.

A couple of the scenes here are very interesting. If youre a fan of boxing, have a look at this trailer. It’s also a great little video of the event with the fight from the film. The fight is the second part of a trilogy of events. The first fight, in the fight of the night, was done by Dave Holmes. The second fight was with Jake Holmes, the guy who’s killed the guard at the time.

Just like any other fight, a lot of the footage in the video was taken from the fight of the night. There were some amazing moments in the fight of the night (including one that you can actually see in the video), but it also was an amazing fight. Its not just the punches that were real, its the action that was. I can’t imagine how much better it would have been if the fight were in the middle of a normal day.

As it happened, the fight was actually quite a bit more than a fight. The fight of the night was actually a great boxing match. As a matter of fact it was quite a good match, because Holmes actually made Jake look stupid. When the fight began, Holmes was a bit slow getting up and Jake thought he was slow getting up. But then Holmes knocked Jake out to the ground and Jake got up.

The fight was actually quite a bit more than a fight. However, the only way the fight would end up with him is if the fight was as much fun as the fight itself. You don’t want to miss it.

Holmes is actually an incredibly skilled boxer. He has a great jab, as well as some of the best uppercuts in the game. He also has a great amount of stamina and power, and he is also extremely fast. The only thing he cant do is actually be a fighter, because he cant put weight on his frame. But he is a good boxer and he made Jake look like a chump.

If you can’t be a fighter, or even a good boxer, then you can at least be an incredibly fast/strong/strongly trained boxer. It is also implied that Holmes has spent his entire life being a fighter, and that he is not going to stop now. It is also implied that the only thing that would stop him from being a fighter is death.

While its not as fast, Holmes has been trained to box, and that is what makes him a great fighter. He took a punch and still managed to box. He will be a great fighter, but not as fast as our hero.



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